The easiest speaking game with flashcards

English teacher is equipped with a set
of flashcards
. Whether they are purchased, prepared at home, made by
students or added to the coursebook, you can take advantage of them in numerous

My today’s
idea is to practice speaking and grammar with young learners.

Yes! I would call this a type of grammar drill, yet it’s perfect for 0-3rd

All you
need is a set of cards, preferably 6-12, because they need to be remembered by
your students. Nice idea is to pick a collection of cards that has something in
common, i.e. food/actions/clothes/etc.

Then, you need to think about grammar structure that you want to practice. My personal favourite and most commonly use is ‘Is it a…?’ with the full answers of course, ‘Yes, it is’ or ‘No, it isn’t.’

How to

  1. Start with showing all the cards to your students and elicit pictures’ names
  2. Write the chosen structure on the board as a hint
  3. Be the first person who starts the game – choose your card and wait for students’ questions
  4. If you are a woman, pick a boy first to try guessing your card. Remember about the rule BOY-GIRL-BOY-GIRL or vice versa.
  5. If the guess is not correct, answer ‘No, it isn’t’ and choose another person.
  6. If someone gets the card’s name correctly, this person changes with you.
  7. Remember to say how many people will be in the game, for example, ‘Now it’s Maya and then two more people.’

It’s crucial to set the rules straightforward and at the beginning of any exercise. It helps to create safe, students’ friendly learning environment.

Sit back, relax and watch your students use the structure and vocabulary in English only!

Why this game is such a delight for both
students and the teacher?

The game
creates a real communication opportunity for kids. Of course, the language used
is very limited, but you can upgrade the game and add some adjectives and more
complex vocabulary.

Additionally, it allows your students to be in the centre and be responsible for the game’s pace. It automatically reduces TTT (teacher talking time).

This game
can be very short, so it is a perfect filler if you still have some time left
during your lesson.

It also
gives the teacher some ‘free’ time to prepare next activities, turn on some
devices or simply sip a little bit of coffee 😊

Once you try it, it will stay in your class