About me

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Feel free to be inspired and to inspire me.
Don't forget to mention where you have found such wonderful ideas! #respectingOtherTeachers

Let me tell you some key things about myself as a teacher.

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I’m the passionate teacher who doesn’t like predictable, dull things during the lessons. As I am easily bored with some ordinary lessons’ elements, I constantly look for some inspiring ideas to deal with more than 20 learners at the same time :) I love creating new activities and worksheets based on my pupils’ interests. Got an idea? I can do it faster than the eye can flick! 😊

The more responsibility and autonomy is given in the classroom, the results of children's performance in learning the language is better. I'd say that I am a big fan of pair and group work, so I try to implement it as much as possible. I don't want to teach the language only. I want to help my students to understand the world with all its details and to become joyful, proud and independent citizens of the world.

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How about cooperating with me?

Currently, I cooperate with:

University of Warsaw (pedagogy faculty) - I train students and future teacher

Creative Teacher's Magazine - Teacher's Corner
My articles on
Teacher-Parents Cooperation
Language Portfolio

Oxford University Press - I conducted some lessons for publishing officials

Colorful Media - I review their magazine English Matters Kids!