The School Trip – The Schoolies series

As promised, I want to briefly show you each of the books from The Schoolies series that I introduced in this article.

First page of 'The School Trip' by Ellen Crimi-Trent and Roger Priddy

The School

In the
nutshell, the story is about Kitty, the nature lover, who has been lost during
the school trip. Is such a situation possible? Probably yes. Children are
usually very easily distracted and being lost may be a result of not paying
attention to adults.

A page from 'The School Trip' by Ellen Crimi-Trent and Roger Priddy

situation provokes important questions that can be effortlessly discussed both
at home or in the classroom.

If you are a parent who reads with his/her offspring, you may focus more on solutions to such problems. How should a child behave? Revise personal data which should be given to a police officer or other adult whom the child can ask for help. Maybe you can find this worksheet useful 😊 (you can download it later – link is at the bottom of this article)

If you are covering this book as a teacher with your pupils, you can revise safety rules during the school trips. If you don’t have one, you may write down a contract between you and your students about the expected behaviour during any trips.

You can use this idea found on Tricia Goyer's blog

Attention everyone!

Another worth tackling topic is paying attention. No matter if you are a parent or a teacher. Children’s attention span is not very high, we know that already. Hopefully, the story sheds some light on the importance of having care, no matter how interesting and distracting the surrounding is.

This topic can be explored and discussed from various perspectives, especially paying attention to what the teacher is saying during the lesson 😉 but let’s not deepen it now.

Of course,
the book has examples of social values such as helping others, being friendly
and cooperate in a group.

Funny badges

One idea that immediately came to my mind while reading the School Trip for the first time, was to create special badges for different achievements. Here you may reward Larry for sharing a map or Chip for spotting insects. Sounds silly or unnecessary? Not at all! Imagine kids creating badges for their friends for any positive activities they’ve done. What a fun and community building lesson! Ideas for badges can be found here.
If not badges, check out my ideas for appreciating and motivating pupils here.

And here is a free educational badges creator (Polish website)

My experience with this book as a parent

Let me invite you to our reading session with my baby girl

Did you enjoy this? Share some thoughts and get ready for new books to be read and discovered.

Here you can download worksheets

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