Smartphones. Yes or no?

What is your opinion about smartphones in the classroom?

Smartphones are glued to your kids’ hands, right?
If they are able to, they would play, snap, record all the time. Usually teenagers spend their free time in this way; however, the trend is also visible among students who are 9-10 years old.

School rules

In my school, we have no phones policy. Phew… who would care? The easiest way to omit this rule is to lock in the toilet with friends and use your device. I saw that many times.
With my younger students, I do not experience so many issues connected with phones.

How about us?

How many times a day do we use our smartphones? A lot. Do we call or text so often? Phones’ role expanded drastically. We hardly ever use it only as a tool to make a phone call or write the text message. We check profiles on social media accounts, browse through the net, read some news, play some silly games or watch funny pictures.

Children are not that different from us. Moreover, they are great observers and they see what their parents and other adults do in their free time with phones.


Before I explain my point of view on this topic, go briefly through a short list of articles worth reading about smartphones in schools.

Australian experts’ opinion about phones in classrooms   HERE

Polish article encouraging teachers to let students search some information using their smartphones with school wi-fi    HERE

Polish article suggesting that we should ban phones in order to achieve better results in education and social interactions   HERE

France just banned smartphones in schools during all hours of the day   HERE

After reading these and also more scientific opinions about phones, I guess I cleared my point of view enough to say: we should go forward and take advantage of modern devices instead of banning them completely.

Honestly speaking, I see no point in fighting with electronic devices in schools. There’s no sense in doing that. Yet, I can see the reason why students use them during the breaks. What if headteachers or some other responsible people think about alternative ways of spending breaks?

That’s a great idea for new article…😉

Stay tune for my ideas to use phones in the classroom.

What is your opinion about this current trend of banning phones? Are you for it as well?

How do you exploit electronic devices in your classroom?