Sing it out! - implementing some common and not-so-much common songs

Catchy? Nice? Give it a try!

All course books have their own songs and chants attached and ready to use. I do like my course book but not every song is catchy or understandable for my students. Some of them have great lyrics but melody and tune may not speak to YL's ears. That's why, I am constantly looking for new songs to use in my classes.

While choosing a good, suitable song I always look for some purposes to use it.

  • Should it be an action song to use as a brain breaker?
  • Should it be a calm-down song?
  • Should it be a kind of grammar drill? etc.

After taking into consideration all these criteria, I give the song a try. Sometimes it clicks immediately, but sometimes I need to try from different angles.

Here is my list of GREAT vocabulary songs which are present in my classes.

My body

  • Body parts - Skeleton dance
  • Body parts - This is me
    I've done an extra task with my 2nd grade students to make a video similar to this one. Some of my students used a doll or a LEGO figure to show body parts and some braver ones filmed themselves singing, dancing and showing their body parts! We had so much fun watching these clips! :)
  • One little finger - The body parts revision


  • Baby shark
    It seems to appear to students to 5 yo as well as to 9 yo. We had lots of fun dancing and swimming around the classroom singing the catchy tune: Doo, doo, doo...
  • Dancing Baby Shark
    Bored with the original version? Try to move your class up with the funny Sharks' dance steps
  • Family song
    I must admit that there aren't many family theme song that speak to me. This one is a real WOW to me. Grandpa is my students number one!


  • Let's go to the zoo
    Need a brain breaker? Need a TPR activity? Need to revise animals and abilties? Let's go to the zoo is what you need
  • Night animals
    Covering unit 4 from Oxford Explorers 2, I found this song really useful. Students got to know nocturnal animals and they sang the song many lessons after that chapter.
  • Fennec the foxOne more extension to the topic of night animals. The real cutie on the screen melts all pupils.
  • Animals, Animals, Animals
    A colourful song to revise wild animals and add some extra information like animals' abilities, origin and category.
  • Walking in the jungle
    Another animal theme song to move around the classroom and behave like animals.
  • The Animals on the Farm
    Sound of farm animals included. Nice to show children the difference between animals' sounds around the world.
  • Monkey Dance
    A fantastic monkey dance to warm students up or to give them opportunity to monkey around the classroom.


  • My house – Pinkfong
    A quick and simple revision of rooms in the house with some activities that you can do in this rooms. Funny 'Roomba, roomba' may not attract more mature children but overally the tune is catchy.
  • The rooms in a house song for kids
    Not so catchy, but the tune is nice. Visible names of the rooms are a nice clue in the first stage of knowing the vocabulary.


  • The big numbers song
    This is a fantastic calmer and filler while children are working in their workbooks.

These songs are used just as an extention to my ordinary songs from the coursebooks.

Do you know other catchy songs about any of the vocabulary items I mentioned?
Please share some of your great lists of songs ♫