The idea of theme books and how to create your own story

Have you got any idea for your next lesson? I bet your head’s full of wonderful ideas, but how about adding a book or a short story to it?

Books about...

I am a great fan of showing books which have something in common with the topic is in progress or we’ve covered. As a conclusion to the big chapter such a book is a nice review.

But what if you cannot find the right book that suits your class needs? English books are expensive to buy and I don’t want to waste my money on that. And I am not sure if  it is possible to find a book on every topic I cover…

Impossible? Not possible!

I don’t like the word impossible, I rather use the expression that something seems challenging. If you’ve searched through your private collection, your local library or any English library available in your town, and still no luck, there are plenty of other solutions.

Firstly, the Internet is full of free to use e-books or printable versions of well-known common books.

Dig in

Use websites like these (with a free account) to find your ‘pot of gold’:

If you are not satisfied with the search, there is also one more idea that I like.
Become a real poet or writer and create your own masterpiece!

I really like to begin new topics with a book or a short story that I wrote. Then kids need to brainstorm what can be the topic about or what new vocabulary we will cover in this chapter of a coursebook.

Let yourself be creative

My two favourite stories were created while I was still attending to my students’ practicum. I’m so proud of them and luckily, I still use them with my classes. The nice thing about writing your own piece is that you can modify it however you like. The same character can have different adventures or the story may continue next time.


The story that
I came up as an intro to the opposites topic is called (…). Students needed to listen to it and brainstorm what was the topic of the lesson. The story was not only an introduction, but also a hint to the other activities.

The Bear Traveller

Another story is a CLIL story about the Bear Traveller and his diary. Bear Traveller is a frequent guest in my classes and children like him a lot.

I do advice you to try writing your own short book or story. When you tell your students that you are the author of the book they love, they will be truly amazed 😊