Promoting extensive reading in English among Polish children

Reading is crucial!

The act of reading is very important, sounds like something too obvious.
But with the technology development reading for fun may be endangered. The pleasure of sitting comfortably on a sofa with an interesting book may not be known to younger generations. I was thinking, what can be done to prevent this trend?

As researches show Poland’s reading trend is stabilised. It was decreasing few years ago, but now, it raises slowly.

Reading in Poland_infographic -> Click to see the picture

The situation of Polish trends in reading are precisely described in Dr Maja Wojciechowska’s research available here

Many campaigns to promote reading among children are available, but almost always they focus on literature in children’s first language. There aren’t many opportunities to encourage reading in foreign languages.

Here English teachers have a lot of space to show their creativity and find good solutions which help children with reading in their second language.

The only ready-to-join project that I came across is OUP’s idea.

  • Oxford University Press organises project ‘Read on!’ It usually starts in September and it’s devoted to students from 4th grade (10-13-year-old students). Check introduction to this project.
There are projects for promoting reading in Polish that schools can satisfactorily take part and benefit from them.
  • Nasza Mała Biblioteka is a project in which I took place as a support for my colleague
    (2nd grader class teacher). There were participants from Poland, Lithuania and Slovenia. I helped with some language issues and cultural background. We wrote postcards in English and students got to know some key words in Lithuanian and Slovene.

    We had few lessons about project books in English.
    Children saw collaboration between their two teachers and had opportunity to extend their vocabulary in L2.
    The real usage of language was shown.
    If you want to communicate with foreign friends, the best way is to learn the language which allows you to do that!

  • Narodowy Program Rozwoju Czytelnictwa is a government proposal to join and get some extra money to purchase books for schools’ libraries. There are forms to fill in available on the Ministry’s website. Beneficial thing is that foreign literature can be bought from these funds.
  • Czytam sobie! is also a worth noticing project. It promotes self-reading among the youngest children. Stay tune to follow when the new edition is coming.
Of course, there are much more reading campaigns with which I may not be familiar yet.

However, Polish teachers are so creative and full of positive inspiration that they come up with their own ideas to promote reading in their schools.
Some ideas are available here:

🇵🇱Program czytelniczy dla klas 0 - III - W świecie baśni i bajek

🇵🇱Projekt czytelniczy” Wkręceni w czytanie!”



🇬🇧25 Ways Schools Can Promote Literacy And Independent Reading

🇬🇧12 Ideas To Get Your School Reading

🇬🇧How to encourage students to read for pleasure: teachers share their top tips

Remember about World Book Day in March!

Do you feel like promoting extensive reading in L2 among your pupils?
What is your experience in participating reading projects and programmes for schools?

Are you brave and maybe a little bit bonkers? Look at these edufreaks, inspire yourself and promote reading with your kids!


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