Overcoming the noise with the Voice-o-meter

Let me introduce you to 'The Voice-o-meter

I must admit that the noise level at primary schools is rather too high.

Shout, cry, howl, bleep, tumult, scream, clamour...
Circle the correct word

Children mess around the corridors and even when the break's over; they still talk, murmur and produce too much unnecessary noise.


I wasted my time saying 'Ok, be quiet, it's lesson time, etc.' I thought this is not working in a way I'd like to, so I needed to come up with better idea.

After hours spent on surfing the Internet and thousands of Pinterest pictures seen, I got it!

I created my version of The Voice-o-meter.
A simple chart with different voice range: from outside voice such as screaming and shouting to the complete silence named Ninja Mode 🐱‍👤

Funny names are just a part of success, the consistency from the teacher's side is crucial.

I need to remember and be focus on changing fields.
When I talk they need to be on Ninja Mode, but when I ask them questions, I need to point to the Normal Voice field.

Key to success

It has been a while since I learnt to change it every time I change an exercise.
I still sometimes forget about it. Luckily, students keep reminding me to change it. They got used to this tool 😀

No more messing around in the class...for now!