New Year’s lesson ideas

New year usually means that people start things afresh.

How many times have you heard about New Year’s resolutions? Have you ever tried set some goals for yourself? Did they last until, optimistically speaking, March?

Well, I always notice more new faces on gym since January the first. And they gradually stop attending…

However, I don’t want to discuss adults’ resolutions. I will give you some ideas how to implement this topic into a neat lesson after Christmas break.

Goodbye to the Old Year, Hello, Happy New Year

  1. Brainstorm

Write down on the board ‘New Year’ and ask your students to come up as many ideas as they can. Even if they have ideas in their L1, translate them and write on the board. Underline the word ‘resolutions’

  1. Resolutions

Start the discussion with the simple questions, ‘What is a change?’, ‘Why do people want their life to change?’, ‘Why is the beginning of the year a good idea to start changing?’, etc. Think together about the most popular resolutions and write them down on the board as a top 10 list.

The Most Common New Year's Resolutions for 2018 by Martin Armstrong, Jan 2, 2018

Show them the website with Top ten New Year’s resolutions and explain that this list is mostly with issues that concern adults (their parents and teachers). Encourage pupils to talk to their parents about their resolutions. Give a good example and compare your goals to these from the list.

Now, try to set some goals for children. What do children want to improve in the next year? Make a list together on the board while discussing about each point and eliciting the justification for these ideas.

Compare your pupils list with 10 New Year's Resolutions Your Kids Made

  1. Song and dance time

After a long and challenging thinking process, let your students rest for a while. Play the Happy New Year and encourage them to move around and dance.

If you need some action songs to motivate your pupils try New Year Song for Kids , Happy New Year Action Song (but I would use it only with very young learners aged 2-5), for older learners try karaoke fun with this easy action song Happy New Year Song (na, na, na, na, na)

  1. Worksheet time

After resting a while, give out handouts with New Year’s Resolutions for your students. They have to set their own goals and keep this worksheet until the end of school year to check if they really improved their targeted areas.

At the back they have a wordsearch with New Year’s Eve vocabulary.

  1. Arts and crafts

Check out my pins and find something inspiring for yourself. 60+ pins about New Year’s ideas.

If I have to choose, my favourite is a noise maker made of paper plates.
Which one do you fancy the most?

More songs can be found here 🎶

🎇 🎆May this year be happy and prosperous!🎇 🎆