My top 6 ideas + worksheet – Chinese New Year

My top 6 materials and aids to use while talking about Chinese New Year

Presenting new cultures during your English lessons is significant. Use English language as a tool to broaden your students’ minds and open their eyes for new perspectives. A few weeks ago, I collected the list of important celebrations from all over the world that are worth being shown to your pupils. Chinese New Year was one of these special events.

I gathered few ideas for materials, activities or projects that work amazingly in big classes in public schools.
You will find my findings divided accordingly to students’ level of advance.


An action song with Chinese Dragon

What to do with the song?

  • Start with TPR game, such as Simon Says and revise actions
  • Play the miming game: one child is a dragon and shows actions, the rest of the class needs to follow the drill
  • Learn to sing and dance to the song

Arts and crafts projects

What to do with projects?

  • Decide what kind of crafts your students are capable of doing, i.e. cutting and glueing a dragon or a lantern, colouring some pages, making some shakers and other noisemakers
  • Change a corner of your classroom or school corridor into a small China Town


My Kahoot’s quiz on animals from the Chinese zodiac.

What to do with the quiz?

  • Revise names of animals and divide them into wild/domestic/land/water/mammals/birds/etc. (elements of CLIL)
  • Divide the class into groups of 3-4; they will be Kahoot’s teams

A short video from Fortune Tales with a brief explanation of the history and traditions of Chinese New Year.

What to do with the film?

  • Watch to get the gist, i.e. There was a monster and people were afraid.
  • Watch to find specific information, i.e. What’s the colour of the envelope?
  • Prepare a similar menu for a Chinese restaurant with your friends (a project!)


WebQuest for teenagers (intermediate/upper-intermediate)

What to do with the WebQuest?

The Chinese Zodiac

Well written and described signs. Your students will have to find their signs and you can read together with their meanings and discuss whether it is true about them or not. Even though your children will be born in the same year (there are exceptions such as being sent a year earlier to school or fail one year and stay in the same class twice) they may have different signs. It depends on the date of the Chinese New Year.

What to do with the text?

  • You can ask students to write a short summary of their zodiac signs according to the text.
  • Play riddles, i.e. I am a symbol of wealth. I am best matched with a Tiger. Who am I?

In the title of this article, I mentioned worksheet. I created a worksheet for students aged 6-9.

If you want to get a copy, please sign in, leave a comment, subscribe and I will immediately send you a copy in a newsletter.

Do not hesitate!

Chinese New Year is on the 5th of February this year!

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