Let’s learn some colours! + printables

Hey there! You are about to get some awesome ideas on playing with colours and teaching English to your toddler and pre-schooler. I will show you some of the ways in which I introduce colours. Generally, it’s a pleasant and very easy topic. Hundreds of realia can be found in your closest surrounding. You can simply use anything that has colour to talk about… colours 😉

Here are my ideas to tackle this issue with my toddler and older pupils. Prepare yourself to be inspired! <3

Books of colours


I bought this book some time ago and I didn’t have a chance to use it in the classroom. My students’ knowledge of colours was beyond this book’s level. However, it is my daughter who finds it amusing.

How do we use it? We turn pages and I read… Nope! That would be boring!
Check what we do in my article In the Night Garden – a book about colours and click on the official website ‘In the night garden’ to find more about it.


Even though it’s a book with Polish names written under the pictures, I use it to expand English vocabulary. I love the idea that each page has things only in one colour. How do we use the book? I say a thing and my baby girl points to it. Simple as that.
We will probably extend our activities with this book when my daughter will be able to name colours.

Wooden sticks

Despite obvious fine motor skills development, playing with wooden sticks has other benefits. They are cheap, big and interesting for children. Here is my list of games and activities with wooden sticks that help to remember colours

  • Listening and doing: Put a red stick to the box. Give a doll this blue stick.
  • Sorting: Now put all the yellow sticks to the bottle
  • Find next: yellow, green, yellow… and more complex ones such as purple, blue, orange, red, purple, blue…
  • Matching: Find something red and put a stick next to it

Bottle caps and lids

Toddlers and small children love eating fruit pouches. Don’t throw away any lids. You may come up with a bunch of nice ideas to reuse them. You can build colourful towers, make a neckless or simply put lids into the correct box or do some maths. More ideas can be found on my Pinterest board.


Do you fancy messing around a bit? If so, ask your child to bring as many blue things from your home as possible and store them in one spot. For a child, it’s a real treasure hunt and for you… time to take a sip of warm coffee 😉 After such game, you will have plenty to clean but you can also declutter your home :) I know, it’s just for risk-takers and brave parents.
However, I did this activity at school very often. I set colour areas and ask my pupils to find all green and (movable!) objects and place them in the ‘green zone’. We had so much fun! And later we described all the items using various adjectives. An amazing speaking activity + some movement.

Colouring pages

Want a cup of warm coffee? Give your child some colouring pages 😉 Just kidding, but this activity is really engaging for a child. However, I like adding some more educational value to colouring pages. Sometimes I describe the picture with my daughter and ask her to point to things that she is familiar with.


When it comes to older children, good idea is to find worksheets with colour by number or some riddles to guess the colour.


The above-mentioned riddles are one of my favourites with preschoolers and older pupils. I love creative tricky puzzles and let their brains train a bit 😉

Extra reading and writing activities for children age 6+

I will just post a list of activities that can be good for this age group in the topic of colours

  • Labelling different objects and colour
  • Writing missing letters
  • Matching words with colours
  • Writing names of colours under pictures

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