Leaves – an autumn reading exercise

It’s autumn

It’s autumn
outside. Children can play with chestnuts and colourful leaves. Why not bring
this seasonal joy into your classroom? Implementing seasons into your teaching
is crucial. Children can make associations easier and develop new vocabulary.

An Autumn
Leaves Poem

Today, I’d
like to show and describe an Autumn Leaves poem. I came across this poem in the
internet many years ago and I created my printable version with pictures. I
found cliparts that replace words or represent them in the very short text.

This is a
very simple reading exercise in which children ‘read’ pictures and some basic
words and prepositions of place. I usually do this activity with 6- and 7-year
olds. It’s not so demanding, so young learners feel they achieve success after
reading the poem.

Here is the


Leaves on the pumpkin,
Leaves on the tree.
Leaves on the house,
Leaves on me!
Leaves on the ground,
Leaves on the street.
Leaves on the car,
Leaves on my feet.
Leaves on the wagon,
Leaves on the bear.
Leaves on the dog,
Leaves everywhere!

Ideas for the activities

  • Group reading in the circle on the carpet

This is what I always do with this poem. I read the poem with the kids help. Later, I invite volunteers and ask them to read one page. Any other group reading activities are welcome here! (voice changing, boys vs girls, etc.)

  • Elicitation

Before showing the poem to your pupils, ask them to come up with autumn things. When they say ‘leaves’ ask them where colourful autumn leaves can be seen. Elicit as many places as possible and write them on the board. After reading Leaves poem put a tick next to things that were in the text.

  • Act it out

October’s weather is often warm and sunny, so a good idea is to leave school and take an autumn stroll with your kids. While playing in the park, try to act the poem out. Use realia when possible. Of course, you may use a teddy bear instead of the real one 😉

  • Matching

After reading the poem, you can print pictures
and their word representations and ask children to pair them up.

Enjoy your autumn lessons! 🍂🌰

EDIT: If you need a copy of a poem and a matching exercise, just write to me here and I'll be more than happy to help you by sending you a printable version :)