Last minute Halloween arts and crafts

Halloween is only two days away and you still do not have enough time to think about what you can do in your class?

Worry no more!

Here are some last-minute arts and crafts you can prepare at home at bring to your classroom as a part of Halloween lesson.

  1. Illustration to the well-known Halloween song or cartoon

You can use simply some white paper and crayons. Watch videos as many times as you wish to let your kids have ideas what they want to create.
If you have more time and resources, you can bring some colouring papers, stickers, wooden sticks, newspapers, leaflets from supermarkets, glitter or pieces of materials to use.

The picture I made is from the song: 5 little pumpkins sitting on the gate

Ask your children to make a collage of their favourite Halloween scene from the video material that you display.
(Need some songs or cartoons? Click here and here)

  1. Cutting out the Halloween creatures using your palm

Another easy craft with young learners is to use colour papers to create Halloween monsters in shape of their hands. Add some funny pictures, stickers or speech bubbles. You can make a comic strip. Or monsters who introduce themselves.
If you are brave enough, instead of cutting the hand shapes, try using paint. Students can use their handprints to make monsters. Maybe they even can use their feet…? 😊

  1. Funny pumpkin faces

Another idea of using newspapers, magazines or leaflets. Cut out photos of parts of the body and stick them to the pumpkins. You can focus on face only, or make some pumpkin creatures with funny arms and legs.

Later, you can have a beauty pumpkin contest in your class.

  1. Wooden sticks to create pictures

As a brain breaker, give your students colourful sticks to build and make their funny pictures. They can also draw monsters on stickers and play with them.

5. Toilet rolls crafts

You can create any monster using rolls. Add some colour papers, stickers, glitter and it's ready! Simple as that.

Feeling inspired? If you need something more, check my Pinterest to find much more about Halloween arts and crafts.

Have a bewitching Halloween!

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