Jobs and occupations based on Lester Lizard’s Super Siren by Julie Haydon

like pretending to be someone or something else. You can notice them fooling
around acting up as horses, dogs, planes, etc. It is absolutely normal for
their age to behave this way.

The book that I want to describe today also tackles the topic of the pretending game. Let me introduce you a very friendly lizard Lester, who wants to help his friends by pretending he is a police lizard. He wears his awesome helmet with a super siren on it and, whenever he is needed, he turns on his siren and hurries to help.

story gives us at least 2 topics to talk about with children.


This issue
will be probably dealt with by parents who read to their children. Firstly, let’s
look on the police topic generally.

Who is a police officer? Should a child ask a policeman for help? Why he is considered to be helpful? Can policemen always help? Where a child can find a police officer? What are the important phone numbers to call in an emergency?

Watch the
video about community helpers as a warm up 😊

and jobs

I will start with community helpers. Do children know who they are? What professions are of more importance than the others? Or there are no better or worst jobs to do? Firstly, the term community should be elicited from children/pupils.

Now, I will share my ideas to talk about vocabulary connected with jobs, occupations and professions.

Who am I?

You can use realia or printed pictures of hats and helmets worn by different community helpers. Ask children to pick something with their eyes closed and they need to ask Yes/No questions to guess who are they. These funny glasses can be bought by clicking this link.

The Who Am I game with jobs is now available in Flying Tiger. It's price was really small.I purchased it for 15 pln. I can’t wait to give it a try.

Match an
occupation with the right equipment

This exercise
can be used on every level of proficiency. For young learners matching correct
pictures will be enough. For older and more advanced students you may prepare
some writing activity based on tools used in different jobs and jobs’
descriptions. I prepared a sample writing activity which can be downloaded at
the end of this article.

games online

There are plenty
of online free resources to use. Children like implementing online materials in
their learning process, so why not give these games a try?

Word searching

Guessing and matching

Review vocabulary game

Picture games

I created a set of pictures with male and female doing different jobs. I want to share these with you!
Absolutely for free!
My suggestions to use them are as follows:
- memory game
- who am I?
- miming game
- pretending game
- find a pair
- speaking (describing jobs)
- setting the picture in the context (drawing and describing)

More interesting ideas to talk about community helpers can be found for example on Jackie’s blog

Find inspiration on my Pinterest account
And check out my playlist on YouTube account with extraordinary songs: Jobs and Occupations theme

This book is appropriate for very young children and pre-schoolers. The sound of Lester’s siren will make them excited.

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