Hot or cold? Black or white? - Opposites

Opposites, lesson for 2nd grade, 45 minutes

Materials needed:
  • a copy of the story,
  • a set of pictures to the story,
  • words on small pieces of paper, magnets,
  • board,
  • a copy of lyrics for every S,
  • computer with internet connection,
  • projector

*if you download the song at home you can use your mobile and Bluetooth speaker to play the song. Video is necessary to be shown.

  1. Warm-up:

    Play a silly game of changing voices.

One S stands in front of the classroom facing the board. T chooses (without talking) one of the SS who changes voice while saying one of the words from a coursebook. Guessing S needs to turn to class and make a lucky guess. S has only 3 shots. He/she may ask the same person to repeat the word while he turns around.

Choose 2-3 students max.

  1. Story time

Gather your SS on the carpet. You can stand up or sit on the desk, because you will need some space for pictures.
Start the story. Emphasise opposites. Use some gestures when needed. Put up appropriate pictures.

  1. Comprehension questions

Ask if SS like the story. They can show you by putting their thumbs up, down or in the middle. Try to elicit what can be the title of the story. Write their ideas on the board – translated into English, of course. Probably someone will say the correct name. If not, guide you showing pictures of fire and ice cube.

SS go back to their places.

After they get the title ‘Opposites’ on the board, erase the rest titles ideas, put fire and ice and label them. Later ask SS if they remember other opposites from the story. If they name them correctly put pictures on the board. Don’t label them yet.

Point to the picture and ask ‘Is it…?’ and children say ‘Yes, it is’ or ‘No, it isn’t’. Simple yes or no is also enough.

  1. Brain break

Any type of TPR game is suitable here. Simon says/What’s the time Mr. Wolf/Pretending game

  1. Throwing the ball in the circle

In the circle again, throw the ball to S and say ‘Night’, he/she should respond ‘day’. Throw the ball again to different SS. Revise the vocab from the story as quickly and dynamic as possible.

  1. Labelling pictures

Children are at their desks, facing the board. Pictures from the story are still on the board. Put word cards on your desk and ask some volunteers to find the correct word. S sticks the word under the image. When everything is ready, read together the words. You can ask only girls to read and then just boys. Or any other idea of group reading is good here. Not to get SS too bored.

  1. Opposites - song

Tell your SS that they can be anywhere in the classroom now, but they have a very important mission. They will see the clip and they need to remember as many new opposites as they are able to. Set the borderline to 4 new pairs (8words). Challenge them to have more than that.

Play the song once. When the song ends, write down all their ideas. Let them be proud of themselves. I bet they will get more than 8words.

Play the song again and ask if they have anything else to add to their list. If not, give SS lyrics of the song and ask them to try their best to sing it along with the video.

  1. Summary

As the last activity, a game Teacher vs Students. Simply say one word and elicit its opposite from the whole class. They need to close or turn everything they got from you today. The board should be cleaned, while they were singing the song in previous stage of the lesson. If they say the word to make a pair correctly, they will get one point/star/dot/whatever on the board in the SS’s table. If they don’t remember or say the wrong word, write yourself a sign in the T’s table.

All you need:

1. the copy of the storyThe Opposites

2. the set of pictures Pictures

3. the word cards word cards_opposites

4. the lyrics of the song The opposites song