Halloween songs for young learners

If you feel like celebrating Halloween with your class, you may find this ultimate list of songs very useful. They are divided into 4 main categories. I also put some more information about appropriate age, purpose, scariness, some follow-ups, etc.

Enjoy and have a bewitching Halloween.

Vocabulary oriented songs

Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? | Halloween Song | Super Simple Songs

Children knocking to the door and introducing themselves as they ask for treats. Adorable song for the youngest.

Halloween Song for Kids | Halloween Creatures| The Singing Walarus

Charming song with counting to 10. You will count Halloween creatures and revise their names. Very easy song for 3-6 y.o.

Guess Who? | Halloween Songs | PINKFONG Songs for Children

The nice guessing game song for students who are already familiar with names of popular Halloween creatures. It has extra vocabulary to describe each character. Unquestionable plus is the simple lyrics on the screen. Worth trying in your classroom.

Haunted House | Halloween songs for children | Little Blue Globe Band

Another guessing game song. This time we are in the Haunted House. This one is a little bit scarier. The clip is for older pupils (grade 2 or 3), because they will focus on the content more than on scary pictures. However, I really recommend this song. You can then design your own haunted house and draw and describe who will be in which room.

Halloween Night (Children's Halloween Song) - Little Blue Globe Band

Let’s go for a night walk around the town. Be prepare to meet some spooky, scary monsters! You can use this song also as an action song and some kind of performance with more students involved.

Baby Shark Halloween | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Learn who can you become in the Halloween night. Names of costumes of our well-known sharks will be definitely easy to remember. As a nice touch, after the song you can ask children to draw themselves in their dream costumes. Maybe they may bring their faces’ photos and stick them to their pictures?

  • You can try normal lyrics version with Halloween costumes visible on the clip only

Halloween Baby Shark | Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes | Halloween Songs from    Bounce Patrol

Five Little Pumpkins | Pumpkin Song | Super Simple Songs

Revise feelings and emotions with five cute pumpkins. This is recommended for all age groups.

Witches' Brew - Hap palmer

Become a witch and make your own potion! Use some scary, yucky ingredients and think about your own magic spells. As the follow-up activity you can create your own page from the Magic Spell Book. Write recipe, draw ingredients and cast your spell.

Witches on Halloween - Kids Halloween Song 🎃

Learn more about witches’ life and join in a cheerful witches’ dance.

Songs with a little bit of Halloween’s traditions

Halloween song H A double L O) song for kids

I love spelling songs. The key word is spelled so many times that your students will definitely get that when two the same letters go together in the word, we say ‘double’. Another bonus of this song is the lyrics visible on the screen. After this song ask your pupils what Halloween mean for them.

One For You, One For Me | Halloween Song | Super Simple Songs

Children are familiar with the idea of trick-or-treating. But what’s going on when you come back home with all your candies? Very simple and preschool-kids-friendly song. It sets values of the importance of sharing and some bits of maths.

This Is The Way We Carve A Pumpkin | Super Simple Songs

Pumpkins are definitely a symbol of Halloween. Especially, those with funny eyes and faces and some candles inside. Jack-o-Lanterns. Let’s sing a song about making such an important festive item.

Poems, rhymes, chants

Five Little Pumpkins Sitting On a Gate | Halloween Songs for Kids | Pumpkin Song | The Kiboomers

I love this short rhyming song. I even have special gestures to sing and perform the song with my body. This is an easy to remember and catchy song. Give it a try! (You may use it also if you do not want to focus on ‘scary’ parts of Halloween. These little cute pumpkins may be enough of Halloween touch in some cases.)

Who Took The Candy? | Halloween Song | Super Simple Songs

The game ‘Who took the cookie?’ changes into Halloween version. If your kids are familiar with the game they can play it straight away. If not, listen to the song twice and let them play on the carpet. You can even make some masks first, so that children can pretend to be these monsters and ghosts.

Go Away, Spooky Goblin! | Spooky Simple Songs

A very young learners’ friendly song. If you are afraid of something, just say ‘go away!’ and poof… it can disappear.

Trick or Treat Song | Halloween Songs for Kids | The Singing Walrus

A chant with very easy and repeated lyrics. Learn names of all treats you can get on your Halloween night walk.

Action songs with Halloween motif

Halloween Stomp | Halloween Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus

For your youngest children, you may find this song really handy. You do not need to bring scary music or images to have a neat Halloween fun during your lesson.
The song can be also effectively used as a brain breaker for older pupils.

If You're a Kid [Halloween Remix] (October-themed song for kids)

Awesome song with instructions to follow. This is an effective brain breaker. You can also play ‘Simon Says’ with this song! This is very energetic tune! Visible lyrics are a great advantage of this song.

Halloween Freeze Dance for Children | Freeze Dance Music That Stops | Dance Songs for Kids

You pretend that you are Halloween monsters and act like them. The word ‘Freeze!’ is useful not only in this song, but generally in classroom management.

Halloween Songs for Children and Kids - Ten Scary Steps

You can walk in the circle with your children and pretend to be scared by different creatures. Or let your children walk alone and you may throw or show scary pictures, flashcards or stuffed toys. You will have lots of fun and laugh!

Five Creepy Spiders | Halloween Song | Super Simple Songs

Counting song with some actions performed by Halloween creatures.

You can use The Addams Family as a clue to free writing or free speaking activity. Of course, it is better for older students. But your children may find it interesting to get to know the cartoon from your childhood 😉

How do you celebrate Halloween in your classroom?
Do you have your favourite songs?
Let me know! 👻 🎃

If you feel like the list is not enough, check my YT channel for more Halloween songs inspirations.

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