From a singer to the writer!

Yes, I do. Yummi!

I bet all of teachers know the famous song with compilation of food items called ‘Do you like broccoli ice-cream?’ with all its versions from SuperSimpleSongs. The melody is very catchy and the simple structure ‘Do you like…?’ can be easily grabbed by your students. This is amazing way to sneak a little piece of grammar to your young learners’ class.

The song has an outstanding idea of mixing two different food items together and surprisingly sometimes the mix can be edible and good (just once in the all four songs) 😊 Do you know which one am I talking about?

The book project

I decided to use these songs in a slightly different way, namely just as a warm-up to a project.

After listening to all four songs, I draw the empty rectangle (A4 piece of paper) on the board and I said it’s my page to the funny food book. I divided the card into three equal spaces horizontally, and I wrote questions ‘Do you like…?’ at the top of each section. Then, I sketched small pictures of food items and labelled them. At the bottom of each section, I put a smiley face or a sad face. I also added ‘Yes, I do’ and ‘No, I don’t’ where necessary.

After this short presentation, children immediately knew what they were supposed to do.

And the fun began 😍

I put unknown words on the board to be easily copied by pupils with small sketches of course. More about new words with sketches was described here.

After half an hour of fun, I made a book consisted of the students’ pages. Altogether, in the circle on the carpet, we sing read our own book. It was irresistible not to sing the catchy tune from SuperSimpleSongs 😊

Our great achievement is available to be seen below.

Our food book

While enjoying the works, try to find answers to my (comprehension) questions 😊 #challengeaccepted

  1. How many good mixes were made?
  2. How many drinks were used in the mixes?
  3. What surprised you the most?
  4. How many traditional Polish foods were there?

No, I did not correct the works. No, I did not focus on grammar or accuracy here. Polish was still fine for me in some cases.