Food puzzles

DIY puzzles

All kinds of toys are engaging to students. They love to manipulate objects, play with them and collect them as a reward or a part of a challenge.

I thought of my own educational toy, so I created puzzles almost 3 years ago. I had an access to the amazing accu-cut machine which helped me with cutting the right shapes. I got a set of big puzzles in different colours.

I needed:

  • coloured papers,
  • cardboards,
  • printed photos of food,
  • scissors
  • glue.

Simple as that!

What to do with these puzzles?

I exploited my puzzles as one of the practical activities when we got to know food vocabulary. There is a great variety of exercises with these puzzles.

I use these as a brain breaker or just as a warm-up to speaking activities. For example, pupils need to guess what kind of food is in the picture.

Another option for using these puzzles is to hide some of them during the break and ask chosen SS to find them and try to make a picture. Some puzzles are missing and to get the missing pieces volunteers need to answer 'difficult' question or write something on the whiteboard. Any ideas may be incorporated here.

The mystery and challenging elements are crucial with big groups of students in the ESL classrooms.

Any other ideas? Feel free to share them with me 😊