Do you want to start a lesson? Sing it with some hello songs.

From one subject to another

Entering the classroom in the early education classes should be the beginning of a new great adventure for students. They have all lessons in one classroom with their class teacher. I am not able to change their classroom environment for English classes, but I can use something else instead.  As a smooth transition from one lesson to another will be a song to indicate that something new is going to happen.

A good routine needs frequent changes

'Hello songs' are one of the most crucial elements in the ESL (English as a Second Language) classroom. I try to change these songs every few months.
The two songs that I use very often are adapted versions of: 'Hello, how are you' and 'Hello, hello let's shake hands'.

I created prompts which helped students easily follow the song. Firstly, I showed the cards, later on some pupils were chosen and they displayed cards to the rest of the class.
The songs are engaging and they help to create the right, friendly atmosphere to learn a foreign language.