Christmas songs for children

Catchy tunes surround us since the beginning of December. You can hear them in the shops, department stores, your radio. They even can be hummed by your friends and family. There is no way you can avoid them! They are well-known and I bet hardly anyone is not familiar with them.

Popular songs can be used in young learners’ classrooms, but today, I want to present top 10 songs especially written for kids.

First, make sure you remember my list of seasonal songs for December.

Let’s start with the Christmas songs countdown!

10 Little Elves

Usually, I am not a big fan of this type of counting songs, but this one gives me opportunity to talk more about Elves’ workshop and their preparation to Christmas 🧝

Christmas Song for Kids with Lyrics - Oh Christmas Tree

A well-known song adapted to the vocabulary-learning version. Definitely worth trying with pre-schoolers.🎄

Shake Them Santa Claus Bones

Who knows the cute skeleton dancing and telling about its bones? This time, Santa Claus helps learning names of bones. Nice CLIL song that connects biology and Christmas atmosphere.🎅

Santa, Where Are You?

Revise prepositions of place and questions with Santa who’s hiding! 🎅

Merry Twistmas Pinkfong

Need a brain break? Use this song, move around and twist to Christmas song. ❄️

Hello, Reindeer

Very cute and easy to remember song for pre-schoolers. Nice idea to introduce Christmas topic.🦌

Ho Ho Ho

Get to know actions we can do during this special time. 🎁

12 Days Of Christmas

The traditional song, which should be definitely presented to your kids. How about joining this tune with a cultural lesson about differences between Polish and Anglo-Saxon Christmas celebration? ❄️

Must Be Santa

Prepare similar riddles and sing different versions with your pupils. 🎅

Santa Shark and Baby Shark Xmas | Kids Songs | by Little Angel

The newest version of Baby Shark made by Super Simple Songs. It’s quite good, but I must admit I’m used to the last year’s version made by Little Angel. 🦈

That’s why, the first place is taken by two songs. As all teachers know, Baby Shark is always number one!

Hungry for more? Check my YT channel with 70 more Christmas songs and videos.

Merry Singing ya all!