Christmas reading and writing activities for young learners

Christmas time is a special time of the year… and it’s very challenging to stay focus on typical school activities. I would present you today reading and writing activities with a special Xmas twist.

Time to spruce things up

Joining letters – suitable for 4-6-year olds

Print out three worksheets with Christmas words and let your children follow the lines.
Join letters together, try to read the word, find a correct picture and circle it.

Simple? Of course. Yet, it will entertain your bunch of little elves!

Matching words with pictures – suitable for 6-9-year olds

This exercise can be done either in small or big groups. For small groups, you need to prepare smaller sets of flashcards and word cards. If you want this exercise to be a whole class one, A4 cards are the best option. You can ask volunteers to come to you, choose a card (which is upside down) and stick it to the board. In this case, children will pair up word cards with pictures and you will create a little Pictionary.
If your pupils have notebooks, you can ask them to copy things from the board. However, if you prefer more physical activities for your kids, display word cards somewhere around the classroom and ask them to listen, read, run and touch the cards with words they heard.

I want to share
two sets with you. One is related to Christmas and the other one is with toys,
which can be also related to Christmas 😉

My letter to Father Christmas – suitable for 7-10- year olds

Whether your pupils were naughty or nice, they have to help to complete Emily and Jack’s letter. You can provide the missing words beforehand or give them a chance to come up with them. It’s absolutely up to you – you know your students best!
As a follow-up, you may create your own letters with your pupils. You will find a template attached as well.

My Christmas story – suitable for 9-year olds and more

I started a story about a winter evening. This is a typical creative writing type of activity (however, I limited options by setting the story and its characters, but maybe your students will go with the flow). It’s perfect for students who know structures, more complex vocabulary and past tense.

By doing this exercise together as a class, you may boost your students’ knowledge and they may be able to complete the task a little above their level. A good scaffolding is necessary here. Gather all children’s ideas on how the story can end. Expand their vocab, look for synonyms and then help them with tense and it’s all done.

Time to give a round of Santa-plause

I love puns! English has it so many that I couldn’t resist and I had to put some in this article! All puns were taken from this website

This article is written especially for EduWeek (the event for blogging teachers )#5 - Christmas and winter edition. Below you'll find all bloggers who took part in Eduweek #5. Visit their sites and share some Xmas joy with them by sharing and commenting on their posts!
Merry Xmas to You All! 💙

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