Christmas games 2

If you read my last year's article with Christmas games ideas, you'll love this one! I want to share with you some more games with big groups of Christmassy overjoyed pupils :)

Game 1 - Chinese whisper - Santa's edition 🎅🏻

Are you familiar with the Chinese whisper game? Children sit in a circle on a floor and whisper single words or sentences to each other - one child starts and whispers to the person sitting on the left- or right-hand side. The last person in the circle says the password aloud, and then it'll turn out if the password hasn't been changed/forgotten/mispronounced. The game is quite easy and doesn't need any beforehand preparations.
So, now when all of you are well acquainted with it, I can describe my Santa's modification 🎅🏻

What do you need?

  • two big red sacks or boxes to put toys/flashcards inside
  • set of flashcards with toys or realia
  • slices of paper with passwords - easy and difficult version


  1. Divide your class into two groups
    Point to each student and say 'one' or 'two'. When finished, stand in the middle of the classroom (school corridor or wherever you are playing with your students) and put up one finger and say 'Ones here' indicating one side. Then, put two fingers up and say 'Twos here' indicating other side. You have to stand a while with your hands up before all children find their teams.
    Ask them to sit in small circles.
  2. Explain the rules and add suitable gestures

    - 'I pick one person from each team'

    - 'Chosen person will hear the password from me'

    - 'When I clap, you start whispering the password to the person sitting on your right' (you can ask pupils to put up their right hand to make sure which hand is which 😁)

    - 'When the last person hears the password he or she comes to me and whispers it'

    - 'If your password is correct, you have to find the right toy and put it to Santa's sack'

    - 'There will be 3 rounds. In each round, you can get 2 points - one for correct password and one for the good toy inside the sack.'

    - 'After the game teams have to name presents from other team's sack.'

    - 'Ones have to say what's inside twoes sack. Twos have to say what ones have inside their sack.'

    - 'If you name everything correctly, you earn 3 extra points.'
  3. Let the game started! You can use these passwords depending on your students' age and language abilities.
  4. If you want to challenge your groups, you can print these cards and let them choose, read, remember and tell the password to their team. Make sure they know how to pronounce these words - ask them to read aloud it to you.

Game 2 - Riddles from the North Pole

What do you need?

  • printed riddles
  • for harder version of the game pens and paper/markers and board


It the same teams (or you can change them by dividing students again in the same '1-2' way) children choose a leader in each group. Leaders will be responsible for calling, voting and keeping teams calm and quiet (and writing, if you want a harder version of the game).

Both teams sit in the circles and the leader sits in the middle. You read the first riddle and count to five slowly. After this time, one of the leaders should raise his/her hand to call. If the team knows the answer, they get a point.
(In more challenging version leaders, after the quick chat with their team members, may write the correct answers on the board/piece of paper/portable whiteboard)

Here are some of my riddles ready to use in this game. Enjoy

Game 3 - Christmas sacks/stocking racing

What do you need?

  • red jumping sacks borrowed from PE teachers 😉
    or if you have more on your budget you can buy real Christmas stockings: 2 per class
    Be aware that they can or probably will be ripped or torn by the end of the race, so don't spend too much on them. Look for them in secondhand shops or in your local supermarkets on Christmas stalls.
    Sample cheap Santa's sacks or stockings can be ordered here
  • chairs to set up an assault course
  • set of flashcards with toys or Christmas vocabulary, if you want to implement language into the race
  • optionally: if you want to be more festive, you can bring your Christmas decorations and ornaments


In the same teams (or you can change them by choosing again) children stand in a row.
You create a special assault course using chairs, Christmas decoration and/or flashcards.
When the route is ready, show your students exactly how they should move/jump in the sacks.
This can be a strictly physical activity or you can add some lexical competition.

Put flashcards or word cards with toys in the assault course. Children have to name or read what they see on the card. They can also do some jumping jacks/sit-ups/crunches while repeating words from cards.

Think about adding some Christmas music to create more festive activity, also consider wearing some Xmas accessories or ugly Christmas sweater!

I wish you awesome Christmas games and all the best for Holidays! 🎄🎅🎁🦌❄️

This article is written especially for EduWeek (the event for blogging teachers )#5 - Christmas and winter edition. Below you'll find all bloggers who took part in Eduweek #5. Visit their sites and share some Xmas joy with them by sharing and commenting on their posts!
Merry Xmas to You All! 💙

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