All year long with seasonal song(s).

Entertain your pupils with some seasonal songs. They help children acquire the vocabulary connected with special days, holidays and celebrations.

Some festivals are common and similar all over the world, but some are celebrated only in the English-speaking countries. By means of songs you can show your students a little bit of culture and ignite their interest in different countries.

Worth trying, huh?


New Year's Resolutions

  • Happy New Year | I Love To Learn | New Year’s Song for Kids
    I love the part in 0:53, namely

I'll discover different cultures

Talk about students' plans for new year and maybe share some of yours with them.


Valentines Day

  • Heart Song for Kids | Valentine's Day Song | Valentine Song | The Kiboomers
    Learn spelling with the seasonal song, the catchy melody in Valentine's edition.

  • Valentine's Day Sharks❤️ | Baby Shark Valentine | Best Kids Songs | Pinkfong Songs for Children
    If your pupils are madly in love with Baby Shark, you can try to present them this super cute version.


St. Patrick's Day


  • Seasonal song - SPRING IS HERE
    After the song signs of spring are visible to any child! and anyone can name them.



  • Easter song - B-U-N-N-Y song
    Nice way to learn spelling and a good background for Easter Egg Hunt game.


Sadly, I still have no idea about festival that I can present my pupils. I need some ideas. Have any? Please share with me! :)

June, July, August:


  • Summer time
    Feel the summer coming and learn some new vocab about things you can do during holidays with the catchy tune!
  • Fun Summer Song


  • Vegetables for you and for me - an amazing CLIL song about veggies! It is so cheerful and nice that all 5-7 y.o. will be dancing and singing Na,na,na





  • Thanksgiving Songs for Children - Thanksgiving Feast - Kids Turkey Song by The Learning Station
    A well-known melody of Frère Jacques can help focusing on symbols of thanksgiving feast. Lyrics visible on the video is another plus, because children start singing immediately.
  • Thanksgiving Songs for Children - Little Pilgrim - Kids Song by The Learning Station
    An awesome song to show the history of Thanksgiving day and explain why this day is important in the US.



  • Christmas song: S-A-N-T-A
    Nice way to learn spelling and a good background for funny Xmas games in the classroom.
  • Christmas Baby Shark
    Another seasonal version of the song. Angel shark is definitely my fav.
  • 12 Days Of Christmas | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs
    A list of 12 things not seen during Christmas in Poland. A nice idea to start talking about differences in the UK/USA and Poland. And there are tons of films where this motive is used. Maybe combining the song with some video clips is a nice before Christmas idea?

  • Frosty the Snowman (with lyrics)
    Firstly, we always watch a film about Frosty (approx. 25min) and then the song turns out to be a great extention to the lesson.

Do you know other also suitable songs? Please share them with me, so I can enrich my list and bring new items to my classes.

Stay tuned with some of those earworms!